Monday, March 20, 2017

Vambinas Travel: The VOID at The Beach, Dubai

Experience Hyper Reality 

The Void a US based company which is currently only open in New York City, has partnered with Meraas to bring it's aced hyper reality experience here in Dubai. It’s like stepping into something unimaginable that is virtually possible! J  It’s virtual reality but way better for it lets you live in the moment and be able to physically interact with the items that exist in both virtual and the real world.

 (Photo Credit from the web)

 (Photo Credit from the web)

They currently feature the Ghost busters Dimension where you get to be a Ghost Buster and fight off those pesky and most of the time scary ghosts! We all were scared and excited at first, for we don’t really know what to expect! But mostly it was more of excitement as we get to experience something new and so millennial! Once you’ve logged in via your wrist band, you will be guided inside to watch some do’s and don’ts, and once inside the virtual reality area our excitement reached its high point as we get strapped into our virtual reality gear…mind you that the gears are all heavy and requires a little effort at first for it weighs a lot, but once you're in your virtual reality "game on" zone you won't mind the weight of the gear itself.  

It really is one of a kind experience and is fun for a group to try out! So I highly recommend for you guys to check it out! J

The VOID is located at The Beach overlooking the Persian Gulf. They are here only for limited engagement so better think fast and book your adventure starting 24 March 2017.

 (Photo Credit from the web)

The Beach, Dubai - UAE
Tickets IconTickets Available March 23rd

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