Sunday, December 4, 2016

Old Dubai

Experiencing Old Dubai

Since the weather outside is permissible and we can now take the kids outside for them to enjoy a breath of fresh air, we thought of going somewhere beyond the glass skyscrapers of Dubai's futuristic metropolis. Not many know that there is a completely different side of Dubai, a side where people can have a glimpse of how rich and colorful Dubai's history is.

What was once a fishing village and a pearl trading industry is now one of the most popular city in the Persian Gulf. 

We headed out to Deira, one of the oldest parts of Dubai which is home to colorful Souks / markets like the Textile,Spice and Gold Souk. 

1st stop the Abra Station...
Abras are small motorized water taxis/wooden boats that is a popular means of transportation for both residents and tourist. It holds around 15-20 people and is the fastest means of travelling from Deira to Bur Dubai. No traffic, No Salik plus a scenic view...major PLUS points! 

Taking an Abra is a cost efficient means of transport for it only cost 1aed ($0.27) per person. Currently there are two main routes Abras ply across the Dubai Creek and they have four stations, Two on the Deira side,the northern part of the creek, and two on the southern Bur Dubai side. They also offer personalized tours of the Creek and pay by the hour. No need for booking, you just need to approach a driver and ask them for a tour or in our case they will approach you and offer you a tour for 60aed per hour. Personalized cruise may vary depending on the price a driver offers, a tip for tourists haggle!  

Disembarking on the other side marks once entry to Bur Dubai Old Souk.
 (Photo credit from internet)

 (Photo credit from internet)

The Old Souk or what is also known as the Textile Souk is a traditional market place, the beating heart of import and export trading in the early times. 
 (Photo credit from internet)

As you walk along the quaint alleys of the Souk you will be bombarded with offers from salesman. Pashmina's, shirts and cute Souvenir are often set at a "tourist price", so again be prepared to haggle, or you would end up paying more than you really need to. 

The Old Souk is open in the mornings except on Fridays and opens again in the late afternoon until late in the evenings. 

Touring Dubai's Old Souk is an essential part of ones Dubai experience. So for us to have had experienced this with our family was a truly productive and budget friendly day for us! Now off to the other side for a tour of the Spice and Gold Souk! (watch out for my next post :)

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