Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Food Trip: Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Mexican Cravings Solved at the Galleria Mall

A few weeks ago I was heavily craving for Mexican Food specifically Tacos,Nachos or Quesadilla whatever has meat, salsa & cheese on it!And ting!ting! idea with light bulb above my head the only best Mexican stand I know and Love of all is located at The Galleria Mall in Al Maryah Island.

If you haven't tried it yet...well what are you guys waiting for? Taqado Mexican Kitchen is a taste of real Mexico. They have the Mexi-Cal cooking with authentic ingredients. They let you put together your own meal in 3 easy steps. Choose your meal, your base & topping & spice it up with your choice of salsa.

And sooo after a few smash poppin undeniable hints of my Mexican Cravings, the Husband finally caved in and accompanied yours truly to the place where my cravings lead. And a BIG grin on my face and a few hot salsas on my mouth goes without saying that a HAPPY WIFE is A LIFE indeed! :) 

Here are the steps on how to get your hearty meal! :) 


Burrito - Soft Flour Tortilla with your choice of meat or vegetarian, rice, beans and Salsa topped with cheese or sour cream.

Mexicali Salad - a bed of romaine lettuce topped with your choice of meat (or vegetarian), beans, cheese and taqado dressing.

Sopa de Tortilla - Classic Mexican Chicken Soup with toasted tortilla strips.

Tacos - Three Crispy hard shell corn tacos with your choice of meat (or vegetarian), salsa, topped with cheese or sour cream and romaine lettuce.

Burrito Box - The lower carb option. A Burrito in a box without the tortilla wrap.

Fajita - Same as burrito but with sauteed onions and peppers instead or beans. 

Chilli Con Carne - Taqado style minced beef cooked slowly with beans in a rich tomato stew.


Chicken - Marinated for 8 hours in their custom dry rub, char grilled to perfection, then shredded.

Steak - Flank Steak, marinated then cooked in their lava stone grill.

Barbacoa - Pulled Beef marinated overnight in their smokey rub, then slowly cooked for 8 hours.

Guacamole - -Perfectly ripe avocados prepared everyday Taqado style.


Lime Cilantro Rice - Steamed basmati rice, cilantro and tangy lime juice.

Red Spanish Rice - Taqado's twist on a traditional recipe, ancho chilli, tomato & cumin.

Black Beans - Intensely flavoured black-eyed beans cooked very slowly over several hours.
Pinto Beans - White Pinto Beans cooked in a traditional mexican Way.

Salsa Fresca (Mild) - Chopped tomato, red onion & lime.

Salsa Verde (Medium) - Slightly hotter, made with green tomatillos and green chilli.
Salsa Roja (Hot) - The hottest, ripe plum tomatoes and chipotle.

Monterey Jack Cheese
Sour Cream

So proceeded with what I chose to have I opted for the Tacos Meal. It's 3 crispy hard shell corn tacos. And I chose their Chicken, Barbacoa & Chilli Con Carne as a filling to my tacos. And to what I've read on their page was that they only use Grass Fed Beef from New Zealand so you are sure that what you're having is quality food on your plate. 
Proceeded with my choice  of toppings and went with their Salsa Verde (Medium) and a finale of Monterey Jack Cheese. 

Voila! My Taco Meal... :)

Taqado Mexican Kitchen 

The Galleria on Al Maryah Island
South Cafe Terrace, Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi

Phone: 800 827236

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