Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Food Trip: Jimmy's Killer Prawns, Mushriff Mall

Seafood Fiesta! 

Are you familiar with the common saying SEEFOOD D-I-E-T?! I think this has been my mantra for a few weeks now...When I See Food...I EAT! :) 

The family and I have been out during weekends trying to fight the stress from work. Hence, the always eating outside thing! We tried to shy away from Pizza parlors to explore and give chance to other delicacies!

I suggested we try to eat at Jimmy's Killer Prawns Mushrif Mall Branch, for them to experience the seafood joy I previously had.  You can check my past Blog Post here

 Visited during Lunch hour around 12nn and the place was still quiet and relaxed. It's a good place to have a nice talk with Family and Friends.
Now on to some of our mouth watering food orders!

Killer Prawns
12 Grilled and Spiced Queen Killer Prawns with a side of Rice or Chips

Jimmy's Sizzler 
8 Prawns, Rump Steak served with Rice & Crispy Chips

Caribbean Platter
9 Medium Prawns, Fish Fillet, & a Portion of Grilled Calamari served with Rice or Mashed Potato

For a group of 5 persons we opted to order 4 of their succulent main dishes. Which by the looks of it as you can see is more than enough for all of us! :) 

We really had a blast from Jimmy's that even when we have not finished our lunch we were already discussing when to come back and that we needed to bring some of our friends along.

And so a week after...here we are once again with the whole GANG! Yes this is a 2 birds with 1 stone Blog POST! :) 

I really find it very useful reading BLOGs & Food reviews of restaurants. I think that's why I started writing my own BLOG: to share to everyone our own experience, first hand, of the places we've been to, eaten at and discovered! I try to draw myself into informative and useful reads...those that don't BRAG instead help readers to find good places, restos and I event try to leave the readers some tips! I just hope I am doing justice in doing my part. 
For this FOODIE Trip with my family I tell you, based on our experience, it really is worth every penny! 

Jimmys Killer Prawns
Shop 323, Mushriff Mall Food Court
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 02 6500 300
Website: http://www.jimmyskillerprawns.com

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