Sunday, January 20, 2013

Food Trip: Al Forno Wood Oven Trattoria

Al Forno Wood Oven Trattoria Now Open in Dalma Mall

Shopping in the Mussafah Area of Abu Dhabi is not only a dream but a reality that came to life...with the opening of Dalma Mall which is strategically located at the heart of the industrial zone of Abu Dhabi. People don't need to go to the city anymore and endure the traffic just to go to the mall. 

A few weeks back before Restaurants and other brands/shops opened in this mall it is a dream for families who shops and is in need of quality time to do their shopping without the hustle and bustle of the crowd. The place was very dim and ghostly quiet due to some shops which hasn't opened yet and the lack of people roaming around doesn't do much for the atmosphere either.

And so off to dinner at Al Forno, the new Italian Eatery which is similarly sounding a lot like Il Forno another Italian restaurant popularly known here in the UAE which freshly prepares pizzas and are placed inside the hot, glowing oven with fast results and less waiting time.

Al Forno on the other hand prides itself on serving authentic and delicious home style Italian cuisine straight from the heart of the Italian countryside. With an open kitchen and wood burning pizza oven, every guest at Al Forno gets to experience a little of La Dolce Vita and can chose from a wide menu including soups, salads, appetizers, risottos and pastas. As well as being the perfect setting for family dining, Al Forno is a great place to take a well earned break after a shopping spree.



 Al Formo having a quaint faux-Italian furnishings. We took our seats alongside a (fake) exposed brick wall sporting a multitude of photos depicting iconic Italian landmarks – the decor was certainly cliched  but it had charm, and we were further enamored by the friendly staff.

We ordered Al Fornos version of Pasta Carbonara which was one of the BEST tasting Carbonara we've ever tasted here in the UAE.

Pizza with Turkey Bacon and Mascarpone Cheese was a lovely delight!The thin crust that's freshly baked out of the wood burning oven gives a different sensation in ones pallet indeed!

Dalma MallAbu Dhabi - Tarif -  Al Ain Highway , Mussafah.  91122Abu Dhabi.Tel: (+971) 2 550 611 11Sunday to Wednesday: 10.00am – 10.00 pmThursday to Saturday: 10.00am – 12.00 midnight

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