Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dubai Fitness Challenge: Dubai Parks Fun Run

My First Ever Fun Run 

Since we have embraced the cold weather this past few weeks Fun Runs and Marathons are now on it's peak! Being a part of a company that supports health and wellness we are always encouraged to join events that involves both, specially now that Dubai30x30 is launched by His Highness and our company is one of it's supporters and sponsors.

Ever since we've moved back to Dubai all I can think of is joining this kinds of events and now that it's here and the location is just a stone throw away from our house what excuse can I have not to join one! Well...except for not having enough time to train for an 8km run! :P 

So I registered, did my due diligence of researching the route that we're going to take...and drum roll...JanJanJan Jaaannnnn....I was taken a back...for if you see the map I attached below it really is no joke...8km is 8km! No shortcuts just pure running straight ahead! So I have 1 full day to train and time myself for the run...I started off early morning on Friday as the race will take place on Saturday Morning. Did my 3k run which was easy peasy for me having the daily walk from the Metro to work. So I told myself yes! I can do this!!! 

As it is my 1st Fun Run/Marathon was very excited that I was the 1st one to wake-up. Woke up at 5:15am and started stretching and drinking my coffee! :) Once we reached the venue people were already there doing warm ups.

Fun runs as they say is less competitive compared to Marathons, so the vibe is maybe a bit different, people were there in groups with their uniforms, families joined in as well with baby strollers, and there where even Chefs with their hat and Big French Breads on their hands! The highlight for me was when we saw Smurfet and Papa Smurf roaming around and cheering for everyone! :)  

3km in and I was doing good still in motion of my light jog then run then light jog, not in a hurry for it was my first run and I don't want to quit mid run due to sprain or injury. When I reached 5km that's when it slowly started to take it's toll on me. From here on I started walking, yes no more light jog or  running, just plain old brisk walking... :) By 6km I started complaining, hehehe...good thing my sister was right there with me to push me...She started staying "you have come this far why give up now?!" so off we go again with our light jog...and lo and behold we reached our FINISH line with 1hr and 10secs on the clock! :) Now I understand how addicting running and joining fun runs and marathon can be. All those hardships before heading to the finish line is all worth it!

The awarding ceremony took place in front of Motion Gate theme park, so we took our due diligence of taking some snaps after the race! Can you see how happy we are finishing that 8k run...:) After all it's called FUN RUN right?!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dubai Fitness Challenge: Ladies night at Burj Park

A Healthier kind of Ladies Night

My weekends nowadays are fun packed with exciting activities, because of the launch of the Dubai Fitness Challenge and as activities are abundantly appearing like mushrooms all over town. But the ladies and I are more excited for the early Weekend Carnival that's specifically prepared specially for Ladies at Burj Park Downtown Dubai near the iconic tallest building in the word. We can't help but take pictures of the lovely place before heading directly to the fitness carnival. 

The place was picturesque no doubt about it! With the stunning view of the Burj Khalifa overlooking  the area.  

Burj Park was transformed into an outdoor gym complete with mobile fitness equipment for adults of all ages. While the kids have their own section where they can enjoy their own playful activities and fitness zones like the Ninja Warrior course that will test their agility and strength. There are also picnic areas with bean bags and inflatables for kids where people can just chill and watch what's going on around the park. They can relax and order healthy food in the stalls provided around the park.

The day was packed with group classes for Ladies.

Thursday’s Class Schedule
8:00am – Leg Bums & Tums by Fitness 360

8:30am – Super Abs by Fitness 360
9:00am – Zumba by Fitness 360
9:30am – Dancefit Arabia by Fitness 360
10:00am – Zumba by Fitness 360
10:30am – Dancefit Arabia by Fitness 360
5:00pm – The Aviation Club Presents: Les Mills Tone
5:45pm – The Aviation Club Presents: 44-minute Les Mills Body Combat
6:30pm – The Aviation Club Presents: Les Mills Body Balance
7:15pm – The Aviation Club Presents: 1-hour Les Mills Body Jam
8:15pm – Zumba with Strong Ladies Gym
8:45pm – Tabata with That Fitness Journey
9:15pm – 45-minute yoga with Joumana

Since we came straight after work we started off with the 44-minute Les Mills Body Combat! Mind you this is not for the faint of heart. And I suggest before taking this heart pumping class to do a little stretching as this is a high intensity class. Just a few minutes in and we were perspiring like crazy. It was a great work out indeed!

Now off to another great weekend of health and fitness! 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Dubai Fitness Challenge: Weekend Carnival @ SkyDiveDubai

Weekend Carnival @ SkyDiveDubai
#DubaiFitnessChallenge #Dubai30x30

As the Dubai Fitness challenge continue it's way into the hearts of the residence of Dubai. I keep asking my self what's my 30 minutes for today? I have slowly incorporated the 30 minutes in my life that I added a lot of minutes to it that now it's taking me more than an hour doing my 30 minutes challenge and have even manged slipping it in between breaks. 

During the 1st opening Carnival of the Dubai Fitness Challenge I did not bring the kids for I thought it is an activity dedicated for adults who are up for the challenge...but lo and behold, I was dumbfounded as they cater to all age and sizes! Felt so bad to not be with the kids during the 1st Carnival that this time around I brought them with me and would you believe that I got my Mum to tag along with us! :) 

There were lots of activities during the day that started at around 8am. below is the list of activities that went down that day:

Day 1 at Sky Dive Dubai

8:00am – X-SPARTAN TRAINING (In front of the main stage)

1:00pm – Main Event Opening by Kris Fade

1:05pm – GRIT Cardio by Les Mills

1:30pm – XDubai Parachute Demonstration
1:45pm – Football Freestylers show
2:00pm – Fitness Challenge Competitions & Prizes
2:15pm – SH’BAM by Les Mills
2:45pm – Animal Flow by Parveez Saligh
3:25pm – Sheikha Al Qassimi (Red Bull Athlete)
3:55pm – Superheroes Walkathon – Commencement

4:05pm – The Training Room Circuit Class by The Physical Training Company
4:35pm – Fitness Challenge Competitions & Prizes

4:55pm – Body Combat by Les Mills

5:25pm – Fitness Challenge Competitions & Prizes
5:50pm – Football Freestylers show
6:05pm – DJ announces Superheroes Walkathon best dressed competition
6:20pm – Circuit by Fitness First
6:50pm – Fitness Challenge Competitions & Prizes
7:20pm – Super Fast Fat Loss – The Biggest Loser – Rob ‘The Killer’ Edmond
7:40pm – H.I.I.T Class by NRG Fitness
8:05pm – NRG Boxing by NRG Fitness
8:35pm – 6 Pack Abs Workout by Coach Marco
8:55pm – Fitness Challenge Competitions & Prizes
9:00pm – Closing

Day 1 was a lot of fun for the kids and I as the atmosphere at Sky Dive was very energetic with loud music booming around the area and the nice location of the Food Trucks near the venue. 
The Carnival have wall climbing activities, parkour classes and even kayaking for the kids. So everyone can get involved in the action. In the afternoon they have the Superheroes Walkathon, a 3km course around Dubai Marina, which was so nice to see that a lot of people took time to get involved walking around wearing they Superhero costume both young and old! 

Now Day 2 is lot calmer and relaxing for us. As the day started with the Sunrise Yoga at the Runway Area of Skydive Dubai. We literally woke up before the crack of dawn which is so hard for me to do during the weekends but thankfully  I pushed through with the help of the Bestie. 

We did a lot of Meditation poses for this years Xyoga event which was less strenuous than last years.
But it was a good run and the best part is...while leaving the venue they give out healthy Breakfast options for everyone who attended. :) What a way to start your day right!

Run Down of Activities for Day 2:

6:30am – Sunrise Yoga (runway area)
1:00pm – Main Event Opening
1:15pm – SH’BAM by Les Mills
1:45pm – Merengue Dance Class by Arthur Murray
2:15pm – Fitness Challenge Competitions & Prizes
2:30pm – Football Freestylers – Lisa Zimouche & Mohammed Al Noufali
2:45pm – Animal Flow – Practice for Athletes by Parveez Saligh
3:25pm – Born to Move (13 to 16 years) by Les Mills
3:45pm – Body Balance by Les Mills
4:10pm – GRIT Cardio Class – Les Mills
4:40pm – Calisthenics by Gravity
5:05pm – Fitness Challenge Competitions & Prizes
5:15pm – Football Freestylers – Lisa Zimouche & Mohammed Al Noufali
5:45pm – NRG Dance by NRG Fitness
6:15pm – Fitness Challenge Competitions & Prizes
6:30pm – Fun & Fit – The Biggest Losers Rob ‘The Killer’ Edmond
7:00pm – Closing

Be sure to catch the next Dubai Fitness Challenge at Burj Park Downtown Dubai which starts with a Ladies only Day on Thursday November 8, 2017. 

With all these activities openly available for everyone...tell me What's your 30? 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Riverland's Spooktacular Halloween

Trick or Treatin at Riverland Dubai Parks

How will you spend your Halloween 2017? Well if you are base here in Dubai Good News as there's lots of Halloween events happening this year here in city, and since the weather is now permissible for the kids to go out and play, we made time to attend a couple of Trick or Treatin.

Fist stop, we dared to step into Riverland's Spooktacular Halloween event. This event is open to the public from 27th of October until 31st. There's lots of activities in store for families of all ages. From Pumpkin carving competitions, to free screening of Hotel Transylvania and Ghost Busters, plus a lot of Roaming Street Entertainers. Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy!

Below is the schedule of activities which will be very useful once there in the venue. 

The family and I were so excited for this event is just a stone throw away from where we live and it's totally free...well except for the parking which you will have to pay 20aed at the main entrance of Dubai Parks and Resorts.

(Photo taken from web) 

Outdoor cinema 

(Photo credit to Ate Ermie)

This is where we spent most of our time after walking around with the kids trick or treating around the huge area. Good thing we reserved a few bean bags for all of us to sit while watching Hotel Transylvania! :) At around 9pm the movie paused and instructed us to look behind us for the Fireworks Special that they prepared for the evening to cap off the night. The kids may not have that much candy from Trick or Treatin due to the amount of turnout, but it sure was a memorable experience for all of us! 

Dubai Fitness Challenge: Dubai Parks Fun Run

My First Ever Fun Run  Since we have embraced the cold weather this past few weeks Fun Runs and Marathons are now on it's peak! ...