Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Yard: Last Exit D89 Dubai

An Instagram Worthy Family Destination

A new hang-out place in Dubai opened in the Khawaneej area this year! And the family and I being a fan of Meraas' unique take and design on their leisure infrastructures opted to visit this one out. The Yard is connected with the Last Exit D89 with food trucks, shops and restaurants located all around.

As you enter The Last Exit you will be greeted by a huge space of parking with the Food Trucks aligned neatly. While walking around you can see the Rustic Courtyard with a Rural Farm feel. It has an huge windmill, a water mill, a wishing well and all that decorative vintage tractors, farm animals and bird houses that is very artsy and Instagram worthy. 

You have choices of air conditioned restaurants and open air dining spaces that's very well thought off specially for the weather of this country. 

It is home to the Dubai's first ever "Promise Bridge" an ode to the original Pontes des Arts Bridge in Paris where people can make symbolic pledges of their love by attaching padlocks to the bridge with their initials. If we would have come prepared we would have brought our padlocks as well. 


 Did I mention that this place is Instagram ready venue so we took advantage of the great weather and did our pictorial in almost every area of the place. If our picture doesn't justify how beautifully constructed this place is, then I don't know what?! 

It really is a family friendly location where everyone can enjoy a laid back ambaince with lots of good food. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hot Palayok Buffet: Ramadan 2018

Ramadan 2018 

Iftar celebration at Hot Palayok Karama branch has been a yearly ritual for the family and I.
This year we had a lot to celebrate and what good place to celebrate special occasions but in Buffets! The best kind is that it's affordable and you have an array of choices. :) Both a win win for the celebrant and their guests.

Apologies for not having taken a lot of food pictures especially the buffet ones as the place is quiet packed and busy. Will post more food visuals on our next visit!  

Our Dubai Family!

I would like to thank our sponsors Tita Guillda and Tito Nico for the sumptuous buffet celebration! May both of you be blessed abundantly! Loves you both BIG Time! :) 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Vambina's Eats: Taqado Mexican Kitchen

To Date Nights!  

When you've been with your partner for more than a decade, chances are your priorities have shifted and you now fall into a daily routine of going to work, attending to kids, school work and all the other distractions this generation has laid down on us, your time together has downgraded to relaxing on the bed and doodling with your phone until one falls asleep... compared to a Flashback of when you are fresh into the relationship and you're both excited about your planned date nights on marking your "Monthsary" celebration and the BIG Kahoona extravagant, button popping Anniversary Dinner Dates with bouquet of flowers and gifts on the side. 

After having experience those fluttery "cutesy" date nights, present situation date nights are much simpler now, but we consider as an essential element of our relationship to deepen our communication, discuss future planning and to temporarily remove little "distractions" such as children and demands of our career. 

It is our way of keeping the flame alive in our relationship for it to grow stronger. As they say Marriage is a full time job! So here's to Date nights guys! :) And yes after all these years I still get to decide where to have our date nights!Teehee... 

The Yard: Last Exit D89 Dubai

An Instagram Worthy Family Destination A new hang-out place in Dubai opened in the Khawaneej area this year! And the family and I b...